# About ArDrive

ArDrive offers never-ending storage of your most valuable files. Pay once and save your memories forever.

Feature ArDrive Traditional Cloud Storage
One time payments for file storage
No monthly subscriptions
200+ years of file storage
Data available even if company disappears
Decentralized and open source
Inactive accounts never deleted

# Control Your Own Data

# True Data Ownership

With pay-once pricing you no longer have to add another subscription fee to your monthly budget. Save big when you only have to pay for what you use.

# No More Lost Data

Feel safe about the longevity of your files and avoid the horror stories of broken hard drives, deleted accounts, or lost files.

# Decentralized Network

Break free from Big Tech and leverage the power of the decentralized Arweave blockchain network that puts you back in control. Own your data instead of renting it.

# Community Owned

You're the boss. As a Web3 organization, ArDrive is owned collectively so you can have a say in our governance and share in our rewards.

# How can Ardrive Help You?

# Store Family Memories Forever

Never lose a cherished photo or video again. Keep and pass along all of your most important photos and documents to the present or future generations. Learn more (opens new window)

# Permanence

In a digital world, how do you guarantee information is kept for long-periods of time? Just as the web connects data and people over vast distances, your data can now be kept over vast periods of time. Learn more (opens new window)

# Totally Private or Totally Public

It’s your choice in how you want to manage your data. Keep it private, share with select individuals, or make it public to the world. ArDrive is optimized for photography, digital art and NFT storage. Learn more (opens new window)

# Eliminate Subscription Fees

If you are paying monthly for cloud storage you are renting out your data. Get a digital wallet and move to full ownership of your data with our innovative pay once per file pricing. Learn more (opens new window)

# Control Your Data

Break free from the whims of centralized big tech and ever-changing terms of service. Enjoy the benefits of total privacy, security, and extreme data redundancy on a decentralized network. Learn more (opens new window)

# Perfect Record Keeping

Data integrity, accuracy and consistency for your most important files! Achieve regulatory compliance in any industry or your personal life by having an immutable (unchanging) and time-stamped record of all your files. Learn more (opens new window)

# Durable NFTs

NFTs make the internet ownable. But when you buy an NFT how do you know it is going to be around in 20 years? Who is paying to store it? And what if they stop? Learn more (opens new window)

# Archive the Web

Save a copy of any webpage you create or find! Each page will be given a unique url and saved on to Arweave’s permaweb (just like the web, but forever!). Learn more (opens new window)