# What Is Turbo?

Turbo, offered by ArDrive, is a streamlined service that simplifies permaweb storage, making it more accessible by allowing users to pay for uploads with credit or debit cards. It integrates two key components: a service that bundles uploads for efficiency and ease, and a payment system designed for straightforward transactions. Turbo Credits, which users can purchase within the ArDrive web app, enable a direct conversion from AR tokens, reflecting the amount of data one can upload. These credits are meticulously calibrated, with the Winston Credit (winc) representing the smallest unit, ensuring users have precise control over their storage needs. As an open-source technology, Turbo encourages community engagement, allowing developers to contribute to its continuous enhancement.

Type Feature
  • Optimistic, instant data caching, using arweave.net.
  • Optimistic, near instant GraphQL indexing including cross-chain token address indexing, using arweave.net.
  • Irys-compatible transaction status endpoint for checking transaction finality.
Development and Integration
Enterprise Built for scale and trusted by enterprises
  • Cryptographic sign in using Arweave, Ethereum, Solana or other Irys-compatible keys.
  • Arweave ecosystem supported web wallets and providers:
    • ✅ Arconnect
    • ✅ arweave.app
    • ✅ ArweaveWalletAdapter
  • Instantly fund your Turbo account with your credit card.
  • Leverage other Turbo benefits like Gifting and Coupon Codes.
  • Irys-compatible single request or multipart uploading.
  • Proven, high layer 2 transactional throughput with 860/sec sustained on 12/18 and 12/19
Provenance Irys-compatible receipts with transaction id, high resolution timestamp, upload price and cryptographic signature.
Transparency Open source infrastructure and software development kit with AGPL3.0 licensing.